Newton Falls Sports & Recreation Club

12,000 Acers of ATV Trails, Hunting and Fishing

RULE I Big Moosehead trout pond will have a limit of two trout per day. No size limit.

RULE II Make sure gates are shut and locked behind you at all times.

RULE III There will be no fee for guests that aren't hunting, fishing, or ATV riding. Member must be with guest at all times.

RULE IV Meetings will be on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

RULE V Committee on ATV's - Read report on roads allowed for ATV's during hunting season.
No cutting of new trails. Existing main trials only to be used.
Cannot use ATV past last camp on trail, unless dragging deer or bear.
Member to post club number on ATV.

RULE VI Camp owners are to clean up around camps at all times.

RULE VII No ATV's are to be ridden on Club roads or trails by young children, unless they are accompanied by a parent.

RULE VIII Electric motor only on Moosehead Pond.

RULE IX All old and new camps list members.

RULE X Keep meeting orderly at all times.

RULE XI All gate locks will be changed every year.

RULE XII No live bait to be used in Moosehead pond, except for worms.

RULE XIII Per our lease agreement there is to be no uninsured motor vehicles on the

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