Newton Falls Sports & Recreation Club

12,000 Acers of ATV Trails, Hunting and Fishing

Meeting called to order @ 1:10 PM
President, Treasurer, Secretary & 36 members present
Minutes from last meeting were read and accepted
Treasurer's report was read and accepted. A Board meeting has been scheduled for Friday May 14 @7PM at Ron Jennings's camp to review an updated Treasurer's report. Also, the Spruce Mt camp situation will be discussed.

Old Business
Club maps need to be updated to include new camp names

New Business
The Spring ATV run date is June 12. The Canoe run date is August 14. No Fall ATV run

Marty W made motion to cap trail maintenance fund at $4500 -PASSED. We will rent equipment in August to be operated by club members. Committee members are Ron Jennings, Bosco, Terry Robert and Marty. If you can help with this project, contact an officer or a committee member.

John D made motion to change by-laws to reflect that May meeting will be held the 1st Saturday in May at 10AM-PASSED

Marty W made motion to include guest pass information on the website. ---PASSED

Marty made motion to have Moosehead Pond dock repaired with costs capped at $500 -PASSED. Marty will also Chair this project

Brett B will get orange fencing from Snowmobile Club and fence off new portion of Manhattan Trail from ATV use.

Motions made but not passed: Marty W -raise dues to $500; Carl P - allow does to be taken; Marty W- establish lottery for taking does.

Election of Officers

President- John Russell 848-2052 Marty Woods 2012
Treasurer- Chuck Chick Ron Jennings 2011
Secretary- Michael Woods Bill Powers 2012
Chuck Trembly Jr 2013

Sign Up sheets for fundraisers are as follows:


CAMPS Pryce's
Jennings Robert's
J.W.s J.W.s
Locust Gang
Spruce Mt
Moosehead North

Food for camps to sell will be provided by the Club

Brett Blackmer

Terry Robert
Andy Brockway
Brett Blackmer

Ron Jennings Ron Jennings

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM
A few facts that should be shared, 5 years ago our club was over $10,000.00 in debt, paying the previous years lease with the current year's money, with hard work and reduced spending, in 5 years we have paid ALL DEBT IN FULL, paid to become incorporated and have about $6000.00 in our account. I agree that the trails have suffered and some maintenance neglected but I'd say things aren't too bad , actually I'd say we've achieved a lot . Thanks to all for a job well done.

John Russell
Minutes from Director's meeting May 14,2010 :

Meeting called to order at 6 PM.
8 present
John R & Pat L presented revised treasurer's report, Bosco made motion to accept revised report-PASSED

Ron J discussed committees for ATV run, need to get info to John Dragun so he can update website.

Situation at Spruce Mt Camp
Marty W stated that statements from the Sheriff's Dept are in the mail. Marty then gave his statement of what happened at Spruce Mt camp last Fall.

Brett read a written statement from Jeff Woods.

Frank LaPlante provided written statement from St Lawrence County District Attorney's Office that stated case had been dismissed. Frank then gave his statement of what took place.

Pat LaPlante gave his statement

Bill Powers gave his statement.

A discussion between 2 directors, 2 of last year's officers and 1 new officer took place, with Brett B making a motion that all officers involved be relieved of their positions immediately, and barred from ever holding office again. In addition, Jeff Woods, Bill Powers and Pat LaPlante will receive a 1 year probation. Marty Woods will receive 3 years probation, and Frank LaPlante will receive 5 years probation. The motion was 2nded by Bosco-PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

If probation is broken,(any confrontations or acts inappropriate as determined by the officers) suspension of club use for 1 year will be imposed for the 1st offense, loss of use of club land for life will be imposed for 2nd offense.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50 PM

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