Newton Falls Sports & Recreation Club

12,000 Acers of ATV Trails, Hunting and Fishing


Meeting called to order @ 10:11am

President, Treasurer, Secretary& 45 members present

Minutes from last meeting were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report was read and accepted, lease to Fountain Forestry paid up to date.

Old Business

Terry R brought up the fact that the Driller’s Road still needs more work, everyone agrees. We’ll try to decide the best way to deal with it.

Brett explained that we still have no info from the Paper Mill as far as access across bridge and high yard gate. Both Joe DeMart and Dennis Bunnell are no longer at the mill. Jason Hanley is trying to find out who we should talk to now.

New Business

John Dragun brought a report of webite hits on our club website. 45,878 hits from 1/1/09-5/17/09 !! Motion was made to continue a free membership for John for being our webmaster- PASSED (Thanks John!!)

Bosco made motion to increase camper fee for the whole season (year round) to $200. Daily rate ($1) stays the same, if camper is pulled for winter, rate stays at $100. This also means that trailers at Porcupine will now pay the regular camp rate of $200 per year.-PASSED

Terry R made motion to cap trail maintenance expenses at $2000 – PASSED

Motion made to hold 2 ATV Poker runs this year. June 13 and Aug29. We’ll also hold a Canoe run Aug 8. We always need help to run these fund raisers, so please contact an officer to let them know how you can help. A sign up list was available at the meeting, these are the names we have so far:


Mike Jones Crane Pond Brett Blackmer

Ron Jennings Spruce Mt Dennis McCormick (Aug)

Jeremiah Evans Locust Gang Pat LaPlante

Dave Mattice JW’s (canoe run)

Bill Powers Chaumont (canoe run)

Food for camps to sell will be provided by the Club.

Election of Officers

Bill Power’s term as director has ended, He was elected to stay in that position.

Dale Provost resigned as president, John Russell was elected as President.

Pat LaPlante was elected as treasurer.

Brett Blackmer was elected Secretary.


President- John Russell 848- 2052 Marty Woods 2012

Treasurer-Pat LaPlante 848-5915 Ron Jennings 2011

Secretary-Brett Blackmer 848-2106 Bill Powers 2013

Chuck Trembly Jr 2010

Meeting adjourned at 11:36 am

We have agreed to waive the $50 late fee for dues until June 30.

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