Newton Falls Sports & Recreation Club

12,000 Acers of ATV Trails, Hunting and Fishing

Meeting called to order by Tim @ 10:11am
President, Treasurer, Secretary& 40 members present
Minutes from last meeting were read and accepted
Treasurer's report was read and accepted, lease to Fountain Forestry paid up to date.

Old Business
Tim B made motion to pay Terry R $385 for trail work last year - PASSED
New Business
Tim B explained that Clerical Medical land has been sold to Timbervest and according to Tom Gilman of Fountain Forestry, the lease will remain intact.

Bosco made motion that Guest pass revenue be a separate line item in Treasurers report - PASSED

The officers and board members had a meeting with the Paper Mill to discuss where we stood with them, Joe Demart gave us some "points"to consider. Officers explained these points and met with directors on 5/19 to make counter proposal to Mill. No word from them as of 5/22. Motion was made and passed to let officers and directors ONLY deal with Mill.

Bosco made motion to put a cap of $1000 on any proposed "land use" agreement with Paper Mill - PASSED

Brett made motion to pay for all fuel used on Drillers Road work day scheduled for May 31 - PASSED

Tim B made motion to cap expenses for work weekend at $2000 - PASSED

Tim B proposed 2 ATV Poker runs this year. July 12 and Sep 6. Terry R will give us a date for Canoe run. We always need help to run these fund raisers, so please contact an officer to let them know how you can help. Food for camps to sell will be provided by the Club.

Marty W made motion to give John Dragun a free membership in exchange for maintaining our website - PASSED

Election of Officers

Don Pomerville's term as director has ended, Marty Woods was elected to fill that position.
Tim Brown resigned as president, Dale Provost elected as President.

John Russell ran for treasurer unopposed

Brett Blackmer ran for Secretary unopposed

President- Dale Provost
Treasurer-John Russell
Secretary-Brett Blackmer

Marty Woods
Ron Jennings
Bill Powers
Chuck Trembly Jr

Meeting adjourned at 11:36 am

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