Newton Falls Sports & Recreation Club

12,000 Acers of ATV Trails, Hunting and Fishing




Meeting called to order @ 1010 AM

President, Secretary & 39 members present

Minutes from last meeting were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report was read and accepted. 


Old Business


Moosehead Pond dock still needs repair.


Andy B made motion to install a bridge at washout on Beach trail. Terry R to chair committee to oversee---PASSED


Terry R made motion that a Director’s meeting shall be held to approve new camper sites.---PASSED


Terry R made motion that a committee be formed to negotiate lease with Fountain Forestry. Committee members are Terry Robert, John Dragun, Officers and Directors---PASSED  



New Business


Wayne J made motion to provide membership packets and key to guest pass box to John Dragun at the Windfall Bar & Grill for prospective members---PASSED


Jason R made motion to hold Fall ATV run Saturday, Sep 8.


Brett B made motion to speak with C.L. Snowmobile Club to hold their Annual Snowmobile Ride In (Winter) on our club at the Hardwood Landing---PASSED


John R made motion to raise club dues to $450 NEXT YEAR (2013) (ART IV SEC I)---PASSED


Brett B made motion to raise CAMP dues to $300 (this year) (ART V SEC IV)---PASSED


John D made motion to reclassify mobile homes as Camps (ART VIII SEC I)---PASSED


Dennis M made motion to raise ATV daily guest fee to $10 per day (ART IV SEC IV)---PASSED


Brett B made motion to continue providing John Dragun with free dues in exchange for maintaining website (website received over 508,000 hits in 2011!!)---PASSED


Bosco made motion that if an individual drops out of club, they are not allowed on club, even as a guest, except for a fundraiser, for 2 years---PASSED


John D made motion that if an Officer or Director position becomes vacant during the year, it shall be filled by the Board within 2 weeks of vacancy (ART III SEC II)---PASSED


Brett B made motion to change bylaw ART V SEC I,  membership payment date from month of April to month of May. Due by 31 May.---PASSED


Brett B made motion to change ART IV SEC V from “signing up for the Armed Forces”, to “signed up”---PASSED


John R made motion to donate $100 to the NF Fire Dept--- PASSED



The Spring ATV run date is June 9.Work day is May 19, 9 AM  @ NF Fire hall. All are welcome. The Canoe run date is August 4. Fall ATV run is Sep 8



Food for camps to sell will be provided by the Club


Sign Up sheets for fundraisers are as follows:


SPRING ATV                                                       CANOE RUN


      CAMPS                                                                CAMPS           

Crane Pond                                                                    J.W.’s

Spruce Mountain




REGISTRATION                                               REGISTRATION

Andy Brockway                                                         Roger Carr

Pieter Visscher                                                           Jeff Woods

Brett Blackmer                                                           Dennis McCormick

John Russell




Jason Robert, George Lafex, Mike Jones, Jeremiah Evans, Mark ?, Pat LaPlante


END OF RUN   Ron Jennings

      FALL ATV




Spruce Mountain

Locust Gang




Andy Brockway                                                        

Pieter Visscher                                                          

Brett Blackmer                                                           

John Russell

Dennis McCormick






Election of Officers


OFFICERS                        PHONE           DIRECTORS        TERM EXPIRES

President-  John Russell     848-2052            Terry Robert                 2015

Treasurer- Ron Jennings                                John Dragun                 2014

Secretary- Brett Blackmer  848-2106           Tom Jones                     2015

                                                                       Jeremiah Evans            2013


Meeting adjourned @ 12 PM



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